Jribeiro Designer - Designer Gráfico - Web Design
João Ribeiro

I'm 56 years old, great professional experience in the financial and accounting areas, but my passion since I was a teenager has always been design and 3d modeling, in the 1990s I started using Corel draw for learning and made some more basic personal designs.
Despite having followed a career in accounting and finance, I kept learning graphic editing software as a regular hobby, and I was always trying to keep a desktop up to date in both hardware and software.
With the pandemic and the diagnosis of aortic stenosis, it was time to reassess priorities, and I made the decision to start and complete with excellence the technical-professional course EFA NS of Multimidia Technician, where I was able to quickly develop the skills I had learned from self-taught, reaching even a high level of quality in the designs developed throughout the course.
I acquired skills in Adobe software, namely Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Audition.
Competent user of Office 365, and Mobirise website building software, I also took the first steps in the initial stages of programming in Html, CSS and JavaScript, but in this case still far from being able to act professionally as a programmer, but already able to make specific changes website design, networking skills and multimedia protocols.
I speak fluent English spoken and written, both in a professional and personal environment, a more basic understanding of Spanish and French, and in my mother tongue, Portuguese, I have skills in writing, text construction and syntax.
Finally, I am self-taught and very demanding with myself when performing tasks, always aiming to get closer to perfection.
João Ribeiro, 22/10/2022